Family members are an important part of a student's transition to college and, ultimately, their career success.

Robin Warde P'17

Director, Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement
(401) 232-6040
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917


三d丹东全图牛材网from helping fill out applications to completing financial aid forms, parents are already part of the campus experience long before their student sets foot on campus. at bryant, we encourage parents and other relatives to continue to be part of this time of growth and development.

 every gift makes a difference.

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summer 2019 - march 6 and 7. for more information: tba

三d丹东全图牛材网summer - opens wednesday, march 27 at 7:00 a.m.



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Help other parents of first-year students by being available to answer questions during special Parent Chat events. To learn more or to get involved, email admission@ffyg986.cn三d丹东全图牛材网 or call (401) 232-6100.

Create excitement and meet other Bryant parents in your area by hosting a summer send-off party. To learn how to host an event, email or call (401) 232-6040.

this section contains the forms required by the office of financial aid to apply for financial aid, forms required to participate in the work-study/student employment programs, and the approval form required for participation in the study abroad program. please print out any applicable forms, fill them out, and submit the forms in person or mail/fax the forms to bryant.

Financial Aid Forms

  • 2019-20 Projected Income Statement (.pdf)

  • 2019-20 Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf)

  • 2019-20 Graduate Information Form (.pdf)

  • 2019-20 Part-Time Information Form (.pdf)

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网2018-19 dependent verification worksheet ()

  • 2018-19 Projected Income Statement (.pdf)

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网2018-19 graduate information form ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网2018-19 part-time information form ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网private loan self certification form () ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网form 4506 request for copy or transcript of tax ()

  • family discount form ()

  • edc student information form () ()

Work Study/Student Employment Forms

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网2018-19 list of student employment supervisors ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网2018-19 student payroll schedule ()

  • 2018-19 student employment procedures ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网2018-19 student payroll authorization () ()

  • student employment direct deposit form () ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网student timesheet () ()

  • department alpha-code list ()

  • i-9 employment eligibility verification ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网irs w-4 employee's withholding allowance certificate ()

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网ri w-4 employee's withholding allowance certificate ()

Study Abroad Forms

  • 三d丹东全图牛材网study abroad approval form () ()

The Parents Fund for Bryant is part of the University's annual giving program. Contributions are designated to the Douglas '69 and Judith Krupp Library Fund, an important resource for all Bryant students. Parents who make a leadership gift of $2,500 or more (including corporate matching funds) are welcomed into  a group of parents and families who work together to strengthen the University and heighten its reputation and prominence.

三d丹东全图牛材网council members are recognized in bryant's honor roll of donors. they receive special invitations to campus receptions and events, including the annual champions for philanthropy gala, the president’s cultural series, and the president's cup golf tournament. you will qualify for a customized bookplate on the inside cover of a book in the krupp library bearing the name of your son or daughter – or your family name – and receive a facsimile as a special thank you. for more information call (877) 353-5667.


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Bryant parents and students walk the campus during Family and Friends Weekend


Looking for a specific service? Our list of campus offices can point you in the right direction whenever a need may arise.


Kevin Gaw talks with students in the Amica Career Center for Education


The Amica Center for Career Education offers a host of tips for parents and families who wish to help their student with career and educational planning.